Eziconnect's solutions include the following but not limited to.

VSAT Satellite Network

For requirements with several sites in several regions, a Managed VSAT network connecting all your remote sites to your headquarter or cloud environment is the most efficient information distribution and management tool for business, Government or Education. Our sales department will advise on the most cost-effective solution for your multisite requirements, such as group bandwidth and terrestrial infrastructure connecting to your headquarters.

Wi-Fi and Hotspot Solutions

Eziconnect offers managed public Wi-Fi solutions which are fully integrated with the Satellite Receiver unit enabling managed hotspot access. Plug-and-pay Connectivity Units provide the ultimate all-in-one solution providing Satellite Connectivity with integrated 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and optional 3.5Ghz point to point backbone add-ons for extending mesh networking capabilities. Solar Units provide power in any location.

Premium Internet

Our Premium internet offers both dedicated and shared broadband for businesses, governments, and NGOs.

Our connectivity packages include Satellite, Terestrial Fibre and Mobile LTE, all backed with premium support and service assurance SLA.

Mobile App

Ezi-connect’s integrated Mobile Application provides a dynamic end-user experience while providing a powerful information management platform through which strategic information and online services can be seamlessly delivered to end users in a secure, dynamic manner. Eziconnect’s unique ‘authentication via app’ strategy is key to driving the required traffic volumes and engagement levels for effective communication.

Media Solutions

Eziconnect’s Ad network is supported by a sophisticated, multichannel Ad management solution which is seamlessly integrated into the application content and features. Media channels include targeted Text, Banner and Video Display Ads as well as direct push, sms, email and rewards channels. Our effective digital engagement strategy is driven primarily via the mobile browser App which serves as the single point of authentication for each users’ access to internet on the Wi-Fi network.

Innovation Hub

The Eziconnect team is driven by innovation and a passion for disruptive technologies. Our Innovation Hub provides custom development and integration services for our clients.
We are always on the lookout for strategic partners and solutions, so get in touch with our team if you would like to start a conversation with us.

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